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Akb48 uza pv

I'm glad they didn't put black lipstick on Tomomi. Personally, I think it would've been better if they kept the heavy bass during the chorus, so it'd emphasize the phantasmagoric atmosphere of the song. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

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She reminds me of Momo-chan from Berryz Koubou and I don't like it They really looked like emotionless puppets, giving us a suiting contrast to the song's dramatic vibe.

And no, not just because it's Jurina.

[PV] AKB48 - UZA - Hikaru

LOLwhoamIkidding of course it's because of Jurina. Alright you can sit however you want. Can I just aib48 that the make-up for this PV was spot-on? Yamada Michiko Bae Kaji This is an online journal more than anything else. Since there are so many theatrical shots I did my best to capture every single one of them. You're only 15 please don't sit like that.

She'd look like a vampire. Then again, Zkb48 has 13 members and they manage to pull it of just fine. The intro does what it's supposed to do and introduces the girls in weird wooden poses, keeping with the puppet theme.

Not that I'm complaining. But with this new release, I'm thinking I might just spend my entire sembreak memorizing who's who. But for now, there will probably be more "whoever she is" and "the others" and "some girl" and some other stuff than actual names, so please forgive me OTL The only AKB48 releases I liked are the ones in my akb84 The setting itself was far from immense that's a LOT of members to fit in one space but still very grandiose.

The knee-float The knee-float Infinite called it the "scorpion dance" wasn't as perfectly executed as I had hoped, but it's fine for now since these girls aren't exactly used to such high-level usa. Jurina's dark version of "That's all folks!

It might turn a few away until jza disgusting bikinis or schoolgirl uniforms come back. The only dance part I find catchy and not confusing is the "uza uza uza" hook towards the end. The visuals blend Victorian, gothic and old school aviator together for an interesting combination.

Loving that evil smirk.

PV preview for AKB48's upcoming single "UZA" revealed

So were their costumes. Anyway, their costumes fit the song in a weird way, since it was probably the most clean and feminine of them all.

Whenever she does her head-roll thing she reminded me a lot of the Mad-Hatter, which I think was uxa really good point in the PV since most of it was slightly mental. I didn't understand half of what was going on in Beginnerwith all the beheading and squishing and squirting blood. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

[PV]AKBUZA | DecaDroid8

Which is a lot more than their competition is doing. It becomes your charm point. I call it the chicken-head move.

The execution was a bit messy. Though I think she was more of the puppetmaster and Mayuyu was just her cute assistant. It has definitely knocked Beginner from the top of my list.

Jurina-ballerina being all bad-ass. This was awkward the first time, and it's only gotten more awkward I've never really been a fan of AKB After what he did for Gingham Check many were expecting another visual orgy to feast their eyes alb48.

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