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The sisters of mercy floodland

Most of the bass on the album was not played on a bass guitar, but instead by Eldritch himself using synth bass. Sisterhood member Patricia Morrison became a part of the band as a result. With the addition of new members, the Sisters of Mercy became an actual band again, released a new album in although none since and, as a touring act, continue to endure. This was a band that fought back against the rockism orthodoxy with low-slung, distorted guitars.

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Retrieved 2 December Merciful Release ; WEA. The centre piece hte the album, "This Corrosion", goes back to the conflict between Eldritch and his former bandmates who were now in the Mission. Swathed in dry ice, this was a band that dug deep into a vast catalogue whilst gleefully playing obscure or wildly surprising cover versions. The 12" single added Eldritch's version of the Sisterhood song "Colours". Retrieved 29 September Eldritch had immediately thought of him when he came up with the idea for the song.

Eldritch commented on the song and how it was created, saying "I made the mistake of getting caught in central Europe when Chernobyl started sprinkling its residue over the land.

In fact, Eldritch went as far as drawing direct connections between old Sisters songs and merch of the newer compositions — an act that many musicians are reticent about doing for fear that it might make the new stuff appear stale.

Retrieved March 26, Retrieved 8 May It didn't have to have any meaning, it just had to sound good. Views Read Edit View history.

Floodland (album) - Wikipedia

Retrieved 13 December He thought of the song as a way to logically explain why the relationship had to fall apart. At the end of February the Merciful Release label announced the "forthcoming Andrew Eldritch album which for some months has had the working title Left on Mission and Revenge. The music press reported the break-up on 2 Novemberannouncing that "the Sisters of Mercy were down to singer Andrew Eldritch and his faithful drum machine Doctor Avalanche this week after guitarist Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams left the band.

I was well aware of that when the album came out but what I didn't realise was that it would confuse other people.

Eldritch originally wanted the long version on the single, but the record company desired for an edited version instead. Top 10 Albums From In the UK, the single reached number 13 in the charts.

He thought of the song fo regarding "innocence—inherited as opposed to environmental.

30 Years Ago: Sisters of Mercy Are Reborn on ‘Floodland’

The remainder of the album was recorded in England. The cassette version was mixed by Steinman and differs from other single versions.

Info About The Quietus Facebook. For a while Eldritch had toyed with the idea of releasing "" as a single.

In the process The Sisters of Mercy floorland a whole new audience while managing to jettison some of the old ones. The awkward moment feels like an eternity and given the history of the two men, there remains a sense that it might kick off at any moment.

But what of the song? Select albums in the Format field.

The Quietus | Features | Anniversary | Dreams Of Rain: The Sisters Of Mercy's Floodland 25 Years On

The video was filmed in India with director Peter Sinclair, at a "Bombay cotton factory" [50] and other places. Archived from the original on 18 July Each format 7", 12", CD and cassette contained a different mix of the song. You'd be going so fast you'd just go through and out the other side, where there is another eternity of nothingness. Eldritch noted that "it is, of course, directed at somebody and it doesn't take a genius to work out who, although it'll probably take the person concerned some considerable time.

He attributed the recurrence of this theme to the amount of water within Hamburg, where he was writing these songs.

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