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Kamidori alchemy meister

What should i do? July 24, at Thank you so much, whoever is uploading visual novels in this site.

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He inherited his shop from his parents after they passed away. To install Meiryo UI: Open the English Patch folder, extract all the content into in C: No if you beat the sidestories and begin the game, you can get 3 new characters, the meistfr, Leguna, and his stone golem in your team.

About spending 80K on Hannah, when or what chapter should I spend 80,?

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February 13, at 8: It will only take 2. After installation of the package finished, I restarted my computer and the problem went away.

February 16, at 6: So Meisger was wondering what do I do to fix this? Where can u excavate in Sin Gate in Yuidora Mine? September 17, at 8: Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to wait?

I ended up cheating for resources, though you can do more but you lose out on the other alchdmy. How changing the location in the computer.

Successfully installed the game, patches, translation.

When it's time to pick a heroine, pick Yuela. Easy money and shame. The disk costs approximately Yen. I think rage adds HP to the user. February 16, at I have already download the English patch and i have already extract the files into the games folder, but still the same.

Feb 10, Here again Select Japanese and press okay. January 8, at 8: The grinding can be time consuming and annoying especially if you have to do the same map over and over again. I want to meoster.

God Catching Alchemy Meister

Could anyone explain me how do i kill the mob in Exam Test thats in red corner. You may be prompted to restart your computer, if so let your computer restart.

WHAT can be done to fix this? October 9, at When do the Bonus Characters like Lily show up?

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I noticed the direct3d options menu said that I was running Windows 7 Home Premium. I am having a little bit unique problem! February 8, at 8: Thats why i am Downloading again to relive all that and Finally thank you Guys who posted this game on this site really really a big Thanks to all of you.

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