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6.35 hen prometheus iso loader

Hacker m0rph3us to present a new PS4 hack at the end of the year. Do note however that there is a slight chance of bricking. So I have no idea wat 2 do or if der is a problem with d memory stick or d psp.

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[QUIDE] How to load ISOs on OFW

February 4, at 2: What game are you trying to play? March 28, at 3: After this is goes back to XMB. Please check if your game is compatible: October 9, at 5: April 11, at 4: February 20, at 9: I use PSP dunno which ver.

You need to run the Prometheus ISO loader for that as indicated in the post. You need to be more specific in your needs.

May 27, at 1: I just want to be able to dl and play psp games. So you can immediately load it after installing the 6. I meant 4 saving progress save wen playn a game of a disk udm also I cnt save anything on memory stick like music or pictures or vidzexample.

Homebrew Enabler for PSP and Prometheus Iso loader? | Yahoo Respostas

February 18, at 5: You can install 6. February 7, at 4: My psp is with hbl. Not all CTF themes are compatible with 6.

Ok so i have successfully got the 6. You just need to copy the homebrew to your PSP. How do i install patches for games? The memory leak issue is normal.

So far i have 6. Hey im new in psp.

I got that thing working, and after some time, whenever I load a game, the thing keeps twitching. February izo, at 4: That sounds like something is accessing your PSP without your knowledge likely a virus. February 2, at 6: April 15, at And guessed saving data on to psp was at the root menu and woolah, now the young fulla is playing god of war.

I hope u can help answering at least one? So I have no idea wat 2 do or if der is a promethrus with d memory stick or d psp.

Is there a way to sign the HEN Nightly? Any game like Battlefront 2?

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