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The CEFR is a widely recognized framework used to describe and measure the language proficiency level of a learner in a particular language. Visit the Dialang website where you can download the tests for each language. This page was last edited on 5 September , at

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Maybe they have stopped developing the download version, to put more effort on the web based.

Dialang – online testing system

Thank you very much for sharing this! Just a tip, if Dialang doesn't work after installing, find out if you can download it from another site of another university.

The development of a suite of computer-based diagnosis tests based on the Common European Framework. Related Discussions Test your Chinese level 5 Comments. I had to download it from a Dutch university to get it to work.

Yet, it is important to recognize that the tasks written and designed by DIALANG deal dialanh issues that may not be appealing to young learners. The program wasn't running so I ended up using the web version. Views Read Edit View history. The tests are offered across a wide range of proficiency levels from beginners to advanced.

DIALANG • European Language Council

Diwlang think it's a bit too polite though: Users are given the opportunity to write to complete some tasks; however, they may be limited to just a few words. DIALANG suggest that its system will be most valuable to teachers, language teaching institutions, institutions running independent language learning schemes, and in institutions interest in promoting language proficiency among their staff.

Or maybe I just got lucky with the test. Language Testing, 22 3 Visit the Dialang website where you can download the tests for each language. These are the languages the tests cover: Do you think it calculates the level well?

Dialang - online testing system - Language Learning SpaceLanguage Learning Space

I had some doubts because I though it might be giving me a higher level than the one I actually have, but I guess my biggest problem could be writing, and they don't test it. I feel that's relatively accurate.

Papers and articles Materials Bank. Yes in my case it was spot on - i took the Greek test.

Thanks for the link. Users must have an Internet connection in order to use the software. LuchairF 25 16 15 Looks very interesting although it looks as if there is very little development going on at the moment.

The CEFR is a widely recognized framework used to describe and measure the language dialagn level of a learner in a particular language. It placed me on a high C1 level.

European Language Council / Conseil Européen pour les Langues

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Bradypsychie 25 25 25 22 21 14 9 9 7 5 3 3 2 It is a web-based project, and the system can be downloaded from its website free of charge.

So far it's the best test that I've ever tried, and closer to your real level. Routes into Languages Links into Languages.

This page was last dialahg on 5 Septemberat DIALANG provides test instructions, controls, help pages, explanations, self-assessment statements, test results, feedback and advice in all 14 languages.

It also offers scientifically validated self-assessment activities and allows users to determine their language level, strengths and weaknesses as well as to increase their awareness of current skills and of what it means to know a language.

And it's definitely not my strong side to say the least.

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