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If the input is realistic, the output settlement will be realistic, too. For clays, typically, the ratio between Ei and Eir is 8 to 12, average of about Then, back-calculate the measurements to obtain the soil parameters of the site. Unisoft Ltd Visit Website.

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Preconsolidation can vary within a soil layer. Then, back-calculate the measurements to obtain the soil parameters of the site.

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Can you provide me some hints about compressibility data for granular soils or those on which I cannot perform an odometer tests? All results are presented in tabular and graphical form. Of course, there is no particular difficulty in determining from the OCR value at unisetle m depth to what the OCR would be at the top and bottom of the clay layer and then to let UniSettle interpolate linearly between the values.

This feature is only available for software listings at the Advanced or Lead Sponsorship Level. These are wide ranges and in a given case where the low-range values could spell difficulty, you need to perform a test. This allows for the modeling of real site conditions over time. UniSettle offers the input option of the "preconsolidation margin" which was proposed by Bengt H. UniSettle treats the unloading modulus as the same as the reloading modulus.

Preferably in situ, say a small footing loading test at the actual depth ujisettle ensure that the initial stress conditions are those of your application not a test on a ground surface where your foundation lies at depth. Actually, most of the time, the compressibility for the full range of added load lies in the re-compression region.

These can be exported to Excel format or Tab-delimited text format for further manipulation and reporting.

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Loads can be subjected to uniform or non-uniform stress distribution. Typically the modulus number of a sand ranges from about to about Featured in this Category. Unisoft Ltd Visit Website. Fellenius nuisettle years ago.

When I use an Eir value higher than Ei does that mean the rebound movement will unusettle less than if I used the same value for Eir and Ei? However, often the OCR-value is only directly representative for the depth from where the sample was taken.

Assume, now, a site with an upper layer of sand followed by compressible clay. This allows for the modeling of real site conditions over time. Sign up and list your software It is free and takes less than 2 minutes!

Calculations using an Eir-value larger than the Ei-value will always result in smaller deformation heave for unloading and settlement for loading than that for the Ei-value. Comments There are no comments about this software. UniSettle provides the option of using overconsolidation ratio, OCR, or preconsolidation margin.

Settlement is determined using conventional Cc-e0 approach, E-modulus, or Janbu tangent modulus method. A time period applicable to individual load, excavation, and pore pressure profile is unisetgle. Please visit our Downloads section to access our brochures, user manuals, and demo version of all our products.

These effect will reduce early loading response that the intact Eir is less affected by, resulting in an apparent reloading modulus, which, in reality, is the undisturbed re-loading modulus.

FAQ - Background

Ask a Question Ask a Question. Calculation of stresses and settlements may be performed at multiple mesh points simultaneously.

For coarse-grained material, the literature is scare and there is little consistency in the ratios proposed. The soil layers can be preconsolidated as expressed by either a constant or an OCR-value. This said, for sand, a ratio of 3 to 5 is often proposed.

However, in accepting the input of the preconsolidation margin, the input effort is reduced. Then, that modulus found, or determined, is often affected by sampling disturbance, or other effects.

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