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Ingested the surreption

Not to mention that the brutal logo that made the debut even better makes this album look ridiculous and therefore stupid. You're bleeding your lies, you'll never tell one more. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to that sort of vocal approach in a lot of classic hardcore, even some thrash metal songs, possibly even outside the normal sphere of where it belongs, but I just didn't feel like in these particular tracks, the tactic was really adding as much of an eclectic departure as Ingested might have hoped. Your curiosity, the price you'll pay. Suffer, I'll make you suffer.

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I mean, is this the same Ingested that gave us the kickass debut?!

Ingested - The Surreption lyrics - Metal Storm

Another important aspect is the production, if you heard their surreptioh album you will know the production was pristine and sounded absolutely crushing, lending itself to the brutality of the music beautifully.

The Level Above Human. Nearly every positive trait The Sirreption has is obscured by a severe case of banality and mediocrity. Clearing, this fucking filth. Castigation And Rebirth Your life is over, your choices sealed your fate.

I am the spreader of disease, I'll bring this world down to it's knees.

The main issue I have is with the vocals. Whilst they have matured, this doesn't mean they won't be slamming and grinding their ways through your ear canals to a certain extent, the songs on this album are of course extremely heavy and have seriously infectious grooves throughout.

Drawn to my dark divineation! I personally can't tolerate something that would fit rap more in my favorite music genre, and I honestly hate rap, so I can definitely hate on that gang shouts. You fucking piece of shit, I surreeption be free I am the one with his hand on the trigger, just make one fucking move, I'll decorate this place with your face.

This Disgusting Revelation 6.

No more words out of your mouth. The end of time! The one to seal your doom. You, will not last through this opposition, I'll bring an end, to this position.

I'll watch you die.

Streams December 27th Comments. Co-Headlining European Tour 5. A fucking tool of demise! As for the other members of the band, the guitars groove and downbeat their way through some very heavy tracks with great efficiency. The band has taken a more mature approach here, which is a shame as the slight immaturity of their first album was fun. This is the surreprion Revered by No One, Feared. Venom Storm The Gates. It's all over, a burnt shell.

Ingested – The Surreption

Drag me to the Whore of Babylon so I can fuck, away my sins, And be reborn, through her flesh. Suffering, screaming, dying and bleeding, but you're still begging for more.

My twisted admiration for this fucking dirty mess, This strange fixation, With this slut that I will now possess.

Jason Becker Triumphant Hearts. A lot of the faster, tremolo picked riffing patterns are lifted directly from your usual sources like a Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation, and even when they get something going they often throw in those gang shouts ingestted completely took me out of the carnage. A fucking tool of demise. Recognised by broken teeth.

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