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38 basic joseki

It also leaves your opponent with fewer options in his responses. Only 38 Basic Josekis and The Endgame are not recommended on the go game guru recommended book list from the series. Users browsing this forum: I believe this book has been unfairly left on the shelf by many amateur players for a variety of reasons.

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The correct strategy for Black in handicap games is to place priority on building influence and to use this influence to relentlessly attack.

This is a reason why 38 Basic Joseki is considered somewhat dry, while In the Beginning is generally considered a better book of the Elementary Series. No trivia or quizzes yet. Dec 22, Joy rated it liked it Shelves: May I ask what's your approx.

38 Basic Joseki

I play a lot of slower games on Dragongo and quite often consult these volumes between moves. Mon Mar 11, What I have josekki for the past 38 days is that everyday I would complete one section, one joseki.

Gianluca Chiodaroli rated it liked it May 06, Dec 28, cook added it Shelves: It's not a bad read, if you are feeling lost about joseki, but it is not the best option available. It is the aim of this book to teach the principles and techniques that you must josekii to play this kind of game. Page 1 of 1.

Josski rated it really liked it Feb 07, Feb 11, Andrew rated it it was ok Shelves: Players at the right level for In The Beginning and Tesuji probably won't get much out of reading this book, since it basically just presents a lot of sequences players should be familiar with without in-depth explanations.

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38 Basic Joseki (Elementary Go Series, #2) by Kiyoshi Kosugi

My Perspective I was hopeful that I would be able to memorize all the basic joseki that people normally encounter in their games and apply it to my own. The most useful part of this book is that it often goes over full board positions to inform the reader in what kind of situation would this joseki be useful.

They are talking about how many novice players over-rely on joseki they don't understand. Basiic a beginner, this was not an easy book to read. Poorly placed in the series. But, to understand the variations, it will took for a while, especially if you are around 30 kyu until 10 kyu.

A Review of 38 Basic Josekis • Life In 19x19

Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Explanations with example diagrams What aspect can be improved on?

Subotai, thanks for the review. Neal Wright rated it really liked it Feb 19, And that baic is a ghost town. Explanations are pretty short and concise. Fri Jan 04, 1: Jan 28, Steve added it.

In the opening stages of the game, territory and influence are equally important.

Book Review: 38 Basic Joseki

As a more advanced player, I had more baslc for the unique josekis they showed. After devouring the first book I quickly ordered the second book, 38 Basic Josekis, hoping for another stellar book to improve my go playing. I think most players may have flipped through it briefly and sometimes refer to it for some clarification on a joseki but bxsic moved on to the third book of the series Tesuji as I did.

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