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Intelligym basketball

Improve speed and accuracy of decisions. Views Read Edit View history. The guys that really bought in -- it helped. Enhance Your Game Sense.

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Challenging, Fun, and Rewarding Uses artificial intelligence to learn from and challenge you, creating a fun and rewarding experience.

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Retrieved from " https: Memphis, Kansas, Intelpigym Florida and Iona, on their performance in their respective conference tournaments. The program requires Internet connection for activation. The guys that really bought in -- it helped. Microsoft DotNet Framework 1. The key to winning is in your head.

The Soccer IntelliGym is available as a downloadable program for personal computer platform Windows-based or Mac. The nitelligym is offered to both teams and individual players. As the player progresses through the regimen, the system gently introduces one building-block after another while monitoring and quantifying the performance at all times.

This robot is designed to clear the court. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Streamlined swim tracker goes for the goggles. In its main training settings, two teams of five spaceships on each team are competing. Compare the latest tech gear. The Maintenance Sessions are designed to be practiced once every weeks once the Initial Training is complete. The guys that really bought in, it helped. Coaches have reported significant improvement in performance of trainees, as shown by their statistical measures.

Reduce the risk of on-ice injury. The Basketball IntelliGym software program looks like an innocent computer game — but much more is actually going on. Transfer of skill from a computer game trainer to flight.

ACE - Applied Cognitive Engineering, Inc.

According to the official website, the IntelliGym technology is based on a concept originally developed for Israeli Air Force pilots. Two players on each team were awarded an IntelliGym scholarship and all four teams had successful seasons and, according to their coaches, the players training with the system showed dramatic improvement.

Human Factors, 36, The IntelliGym trains players in making the right choices. Improve speed and accuracy of decisions.

Advanced brain-training technology takes your game to the next level!

It is a fun computer game that gives your mind a super-sophisticated basketball workout that will revolutionize your basketball life within a few weeks! Our junior was solid all season, posting 11 points, 5 assist and very few turnovers or mental error.

Read the game faster. Featuring a computer-game facade, the Basketball IntelliGym trains the part of the brain controlling complex basketball related tasks including; decision making; pattern recognition; tactics adaptation and switching; peripheral vision; attention control; situational awareness; teamwork, and spatial orientation. Electrolyte-packed pale ale pulls beer toward the sports drink arena.

This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Views Read Edit View history. The win marked their first Sectional win in 15 years.

Just "playing" it like you would any computer game it's fun! The studies were conducted at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam led by Prof.

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