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Vectrosity unity 3d

You must own a license of PlayMaker and have it installed on your project. The difference is that you can choose the colors outside and inside of the mesh. Vectrosity has much more control and flexibility than the LineRenderer, and doesn't need Unity Pro.

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unity3d - How to draw a line over a specific duration using Vectrosity - Stack Overflow

The DLL was built with 4. What else is consuming the canvas vertex count?

I began reducing the number of points per curve and eventually was able to get a successful launch with 4 points per cubic curve! When say specific duration, you mean draw line at 20,30 then move the line toover time?

Based on this data you can compute a line like this:. Is there a way to have a ScrollUV script attached to the vector vecteosity automatically?

I don't know why it was crashing No fast is fast enough! You must own a license of Vectrosity and have it installed on your project.

Vectrosity - Fast and Easy Line Drawing

I only had to figure out how to draw lines. Vevtrosity you so much, it's worked! You can use multiple bezier curves in a single line, as shown in the DrawCurve demo script. In terms of drawing order, I have a few sortingLayers, with UI on top and enemies,players, obstacles on lower sorting layers.

It was easy to implement, but not very fast since I end up spawning lots of GameObjects each with a LineRenderer attached. Also hidden lines are dimmed.

There is no 'dimming' of hidden lines, but what's worse is that Vectrosity seems to get confused about the z-index of the mesh and the line, resulting in the line 'blinking' when the object rotates. Sep 16, Posts: Then you can install the Vectrosity Actions and start using them.

By the way, version 4. Vector gameObjects are assigned a proxy when a vector is created, so that it can be referenced by this component, rather vectrositg the vector class itself which is not possible in Playmaker.

You can scroll the material's offset using VectorLine. So unfortunately I'm not really sure. I have two questions for you: I'll just stick to Vectrosity 3 since it 3s doing everything I need. Dec 5, Posts: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Instead of leaving this topic and live happily with the Graphics solution, I kept searching for something even better.


Am I missing something? Want to provide direct feedback to the Unity team?

I expose currently only a sub set of what vectorLine can do. I would like to see the one point of line follow the hit of raytracer. Since meshes are composed of surfaces rather than lines vectrosiity points, in 3D space a line is best rendered as a very thin quad.

If you remove it, when you point to the end of a line, it will disappear. I spent the last couple of weeks trying to get Vectrosity 4 working and finally succeeded by deleting every Vectrosity file and folder I could find in my scene and then carefully importing only the version 4 package. Is there a better way?

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