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Cons You can't change extensions or create new ones unless you have the premier version. User- friendly interface, the lighting quick rate at which the drawings load, the intuitive zoom and Scroll drawing manipulation. I would recommend use of this program. There are three product levels in eTakeoff, including a free Basic version, so companies can find their best fit and upgrade as needed. The software has some nice functionality like it can count similar looking objects for you automatically.

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We started using eTakeoff and embraced an era of change.

Who Uses This Software? There are three product levels in eTakeoff, including a free Basic version, so companies can find their best fit and upgrade as needed.

Supported Operating System s: Best of etakeofr, there is a free version that you can download to try out the software before you buy it. It's been there the all along.

Review of eTakeoff Premier. Worth the time to learn Cons: I do not see it that way.

eTakeoff Software

Training is involved and the "nice functions" don't always work as advertised. I am an estimator for The Mercury Group a full service electrical, security and tele data contractor Connecticut.

Good for a small business starting out. Easy to use, great for reviewing plans and specs. Rob from Lawrence Plumbing. We like the free trial.

A great product that will make you better at takeoff. Overall I don't think this software is better than other solutions out there. I would recommend Planswift or On-Screen Takeoff, or virtually any other on-screen software.

Start off with the subscription in advance, figure out what you need for your company, subscribe to premier for a month and then purchase the advanced version once your extensions are set as you like them. I have participated in many a discussion both via phone call and the forums regarding changes to the software, new features, and implementation.

Etakeoff is not idiot proof. Very easy to use, great training at no charge and unlimited. I've used it for 5 years. I first learned about eTakeoff from McGraw Hill and signed up for the free 30 day trial.

There really is no much I do not like about this product. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Pros eTakeoff is a great asset for our company. Cons Often times the nifty features wouldn't work and you'd end up counting things by hand anyway.

The software isn't always "intuitive" at first but they quickly make up for that with functionality, versatility, and support.

Sage eTakeoff Software - Reviews & Price Quotes

They checked back to see wtakeoff we liked using it during the free trial, but I never felt any pressure to buy it. Irina from Excellence in Stone. Tried multiple file types and sizes.

Creating new takeoff conditions, changing takeoff conditions was challenging. Great for takeoff, but not intuitive Great option for the budget minded.

Etskeoff team has only used it a few months but so far so good. But I would have to say I wish it allowed better sorting capabilities in the measurement list and gave us more power there. Easy to use and accurate.

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