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Aston 1.9.1

That's new functionality that isn't part of the OS. Reply 4 August 3, 7: One thing i would like in Aston is a possibility to work together with Windows Explorer. Is there an easy way to migrate my TopPanel settings over to the new Panel plugin? Depending on a kind of bitmap allocation RAM usage values can jump in huge leaps.

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AltDesk released

My only beef with it is that the developers of it are bandwidth bandits they silently link the themes on skin sites without giving credit rather than hosting the themes themselves, that's why WinCustomize won't support Aston, if we're going to have a library for it we expect users to visit WC to get them, not go to astonshell.

One thing i would like in Aston is a possibility to work together with Windows Explorer. I use WindowBlinds for productivity as well.

I have it so that when I right click on the title bar the app will minimize.

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Gladiators Software is a Russian software company, specialized on creation of Desktop enhacement tools. I used Aston a long while back, and I didn't like it. I just don't get it.

WB can still help a little here For myself I personally prefer MSStyles I'm not talking about a known pruduct of a known company, which uses them over WindowBlinds actually use none of them because the first caused a way less problems on MY computer configuration. Don't fall back on the "I don't need the app, so Adton don't use it" crap and then try to blame bugs. Reply 12 August 5, 3: Heck, you couldn't even use Aston with Windows XP until 1.

Reply 16 August 5, 1: Nevertheless there are other useful GUI elements worth mentioning.

It also worths mentioning, that Aston has a good build-in shortcut manager. At present time Aston is mainly competing with the Talisman 2 which has some nice features, but which is less stable and Hoverdesk has some excellent themes, but now seems to abandoned.

They're analogous to Word and Excel. And if such things happen i don't care what Taskman shows me. BTW, we're not going to judge graphic application's resource usage, relying on Windows Taskman, right?

Let's see, companies who use third party made.

Considering the thousands upon thousands of people that use WB every day with no problems, I find it difficult to believe that you couldn't straighen it out. I'm thinking it doesn't like september much The same is with some other apps: The amount of memory wbload. Install a Desktop decoration tool, like Windows Blinds. This is just the same, tired arguement I have heard about apps like this sinceand it always ends the same way.

Not just a 10 on the topic, but a 10 on the new bundle. Do you want to claim publicly now that Aston 1.

I don't know, what was the reason of such troubles, but as they ramained on at least three absolutely different computer configurations, WB and Windows versions I'm not going to look for the lreason. Reply 22 August 5, 9: That's new functionality that isn't part of the OS.

But what really annoyed me was the implication that WindowBlinds is purely decorative which saton not true. In case you need some samples, OK, I'll give them: Let's be honest about that. The PC Mechanic Rate: Reply 9 August 4, 3: Do you think those companies would license WindowBlinds if it was buggy or slow? Always gets the comments.

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