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Haylie Duff plays a really sweet girl. But you never know about these things. Michelle Lombardo she was the swimsuit model in the film was easy on the eyes to say the least.

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Season 5 This Is Printkey-pro 1.05 However this flick really tries to portray skateboarding, skaters and pros in a good light.

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Her stunt double is women's pro skater Holly Lyons seen at right with Duff. Timothy Lee DePriest as Malone. Edit Did You Know? Instead of applying his masterful Gunfighter meaty act to the head of the cafeteria at Point X camp, Perry brought his smirky, bitchy, surf-boy attitude to the table, which worked great as Dylan McKay, Linc Stark and even Ron Young, but really really cishdogz didn't seem appropriate disdogz.

Nurse Hatcher Ehren McGhehey A coming of age story about a teenager working at an extreme sports camp as a dishwasher and his relationship with the chef, who we come to find out was a skateboarding pioneer back in the day.

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That's the sort of crap that propels a poor image of skating in the media. Was this review helpful to you? He discovers skating hottie, Haylie Duff works at the camp too. Appearing dishdogs the cover of the January Maxim Magazine proved she's got the look All in all, pleasant movie experience, hampered a lot by the acting decision of my main attraction, but well worth the view for me, and if you like skating movies, this one's for you.

The Tony role was supposed to be threatening and tough at first, a guy you would think just came out of prison or Hell's Angels, and then was supposed to warm up to us, allowing hints of his friendliness to trickle in. I loved him inWindfall, John from Cincinatti, A Gunfighter's Pledge, even Alice Upside-down, but he clearly was either rebelling against his given role or the acting director just didn't know how he was supposed to get it out of him also a possibility, since some other characters also seemed out of place; the comic-relief heel, Palmer character just seemed awkward, not funny, as his dishdoogz were not spot-on.

Speaking of style, I also really like the director's desire to create a bit of realism in a Hollywood world of no mistakes. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

#Dishdogz DVD video review

If she could maintain this Jennifer Love Hewitt look at left she'd be fucking unstoppable! Movies from my childhood: More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

Season 4 The Walking Dead: Haylie is an actress and singer best known for her supporting role on 7th Heaven as well as starring in the film Napoleon Dynamite. I mainly saw this to see my favorite actor Luke Perry, and for the first time in my life of watching his many movies and shows, I was disappointed.

Marshall Allman did a really good job as the outsider trying to fit in. Michael Copon as Palmer. vishdogz

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Savvy photographers know that the elder Ms. I know nothing about the wheels lifestyle except for the fact that there is one, albeit not a huge one, which explains the understandable financial success of this film but there were a lot of cool, thrilling spots that were coordinated to make this movie fun.

Full Cast and Crew. However she has followed in her younger sister's footsteps careerwise. Start your free trial.

Cop Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Tim played the part well as a skateboard snob who is so impressed with himself that he cannot be charming disgdogz so we do not feel bad for what happens to him. Kevin's mom John Cantwell I specially liked Tim DePriest as Malone.

Movies that I have seen in my lifetime.

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