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Dello vs badang

Price Tagg FlipTop Event: Submit Information for this Rapper. August 17, Central Luzon: Skip to main content.

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Retrieved from " https: Retrieved 18 November Unibersikulo - Dos Por Dos Finals. Badang talks freestyling, his memberships with Mobstaz and Tuesday Troop, his many skills, past beefs with Loonie and This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat Badang is a Filipino battle rapper from Philippines.

All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original owner, artist, manager or label. In general, the contest consists of three rounds with a time limit for each contender set by the referee. It became a hot topic on nadang media. Abra - Apoy Ft, Shanti Dope 2.

July 20, Metro Manila: Grain Assault 6 April 18, 6, views Flict-G vs. Mike Swift 14 days ago.

FlipTop Metro Manila presents: The winner is determined by the decision of the judges. If you have a problem on this video bafang message me! Sometimes time limits are agreed on by the participants before the battle.

Gubat 4 June 1, 5, views Elbiz vs. Copyright Disclaimer All music, video, tracks, album art, files, logos, names, and companies are owned and copy-written by their original owner, artist, manager or label. FlipTop - Dello vs Badang Isabuhay fliptopbattles 3 years ago. An Exploratory Study on Fliptop Battle". Shehyee threw disrepectful lines on Sinio's wife Bie Sarmiento during the battle, which Sinio rebutted hard by dissing the internet sensation Ann Mateo, who is the girlfriend of Shehyee, that lead to Sinio's victory in the match.

Grain Assault 3 April 18,views Badang vs. Aside from battle rap, the league has also had a beatbox battle competition, concerts, and seminars about hip hop culture commonly named as Mindfields. Read the full story here: Break It Down Episode 5: Malate December 4,views Target vs.

Badang | Battle Rapper Profile | VerseTracker

Some emcees in the league recently are more focused on line delivery, hyping the audience in the battle, and gimmicks rather than dissing to attack the opponent [11]. This program is "Show ko to by Micheal V.

Odd number of judges are selected to judge the battle to prevent draws. Because of this situation, many netizens bashed Shehyee for being unprofessional in the battle, he was also blamed for not explaining to his girlfriend's mother about the mechanics of league.

FlipTop - Dello vs Badang @ Isabuhay 2015

Their match was uploaded on FlipTop's YouTube channel on February 2, and went viral with over five million views within four days, and some part of the clip was also uploaded and shared on Facebook.

Jskillz, Mike Kosa and Gloc 9 drumstickuser 6 years ago. Badang Sunugan August 19,deloo Loonie vs.

Both sides can also bring props for the event. FlipTop Central Luzon presents: In early years, majority of judges voted for OT or if no definite winner emerged from judges' votes.

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