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Navicula metropolutan

Matt Sorum because he liked our video, hahaha. Actually, the tour in Canada earlier this month was Navicula's first international tour. But, in they released their 5th album, Beautiful Rebel, independently and returned to following their ideals through the indie music scene. How have the Indonesian and international communities responded to this message in your music? Being based in Bali, we are used to performing in front of an international audience because there are so many travelers from all over the world passing through.

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You can view a full list of unauthorized US dealers here. If your listeners truly love your music, they will buy the physical album, merchandise and buy tickets to your shows. So this campaign should be very relevant to the Australian audience. Recording with Alain Johannes as our producer. Probably the song we choice, "Metropolutan". Being based in Bali, we are used to performing in front of an international audience because there are so many travelers from all over the world passing through.

Important information about purchasing from the US. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here. By keeping the tracks official from our website and Soundcloud account, we can stay in touch with listeners to invite them to shows or sell merch online.

Navicila are really excited about the Sydney tour. Navicula use their music as a media to campaign for urgent environmental and social issues which affect Indonesia and the world.

If we release info on our next gig or latest single, that is expected. Our latest campaign is focused on deforestation, the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests, the last remaining habitat to many critically endangered species such as the Sumatran Tiger and Orangutan.

Metropolutan by Navicula | Navicula Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

But what makes their music so unique is their condition of beginning in the melting-pot of modern Bali and having the opportunity to mold their creativity out of contrasts so extreme. Navicula is based in Bali, but regularly hold national metropolutwn international tours.

The response has been positive so far. We found that if we don't offer the music online, eventually someone will put it online as an illegal download.

11. Navicula – Metropolutan | Live at Liberate Day Gigs Vol. 2

Navicula visited Kalimatan Borneo recently with Greenpeace, raising awareness of the deforestation in the region Navicula has a reasonably large following online, across Facebook and Twitter. Their most recent campaign is to raise awareness about deforestation in Indonesia. What aspect of the prize are you looking forward to the most? Your music is very focused on the environment and nature.

But really how we promote the band is the same. In January Navicula held their first Australian Tour.

But it wasn't as much of navicua culture shock as you would imagine. Navicula are currently working on their 7th full-length studio album titled "Love Bomb" to be navidula spring Last September, Navicula toured Borneo with Greenpeace and are currently working with footage from the Borneo Tour to edit a full length music-documentary about the destruction of the rainforest. On our past albums, we have worked with producers, but none that had the right musical experience or reference for our style of music.

» Artwork | NAVICULA - Earthship Out Now

One of the main threats to metropoolutan Indonesian rainforest is palm oil plantations, and palm oil is used in many products all over the world, including Australia. It's just that through social media everything is faster and cheaper. We put a lot of thought into our set list, especially considering language barriers, but in the end decided to still perform both our English songs as well as the songs in Indonesian. If your uncomfortable giving your songs away as free downloads, at least let them stream your songs for free.


Their music has a grunge rock undertone, but is combined with many other genres of sound, such as ethnic, psychedelic, alternative, progressive, and straightforward rock. To find out more about their Sydney Festival appearance and to buy tickets, visit the Sydney Festival website.

The festival shows were so much fun. Navicula was formed in in Bali, Indonesia. Much of our fanbase is unaware of the global environmental crisis we are facing.

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