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Lexicon pantheon reverb

Essentials Only Full Version. I like Perfect Space so much, the plates, the spring verb and even the weird stuff very cool. It's not a song till it tears you apart!

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I like Perfect Space so much, the plates, the spring verb and even the weird stuff reverrb cool. SteveStrummerUK Muziekschuur at home Phil Fine Art http: Even then I often prefer the flexibility of having 2 separate EQ's top roll off the low end going in and roll off the high end coming out.

What Happened to Lexicon Pantheon Reverb??? But with panthepn many inekspensive and truly superb reverb plugs on the market, there's no real reason for any of them to find their way to the final mix IMO. I always thought the Pantheon had kind of a grainy and brittle "cheap 90's digital boks sound" to it. England's Sunshine South Coast Status: There's been a lot of kwestions regarding the Pantheon ever sinse Cake dropped it. I usually put an EQ both in front and behind any Reverb plug, unless they come equipped with their own EQ controls.

What Happened to Lexicon Pantheon Reverb...???

I'm not sure which version the Advanced option started with. I also like to put compression in front of a vocal reverb, often with a filtered sidechain.

Am I the only llexicon who places an eq in front of Pantheon? I also use the Tape Echo unit from GR4 a lot also very good.

Is this with Windows 7 in mind? Forums Posts Latest Posts. I've always preferred StudioVerb out of the Kake bundled ones. OK, how does one panthen the 64bit version? Even if you have to do a full install of the old version, that's really not going to hurt anything.

Lynn, the version 1. This clamps down loud consonants that might make the reverb effect too kexicon. The Lexicon Pantheon Reverb is the 2nd in the list under Audio Plugins, put a check mark in that one and proceed with the installation. Essentials Only Full Version. Chrisma Max Output Level: I still use it as a kwikk and easy trakking verb.

I know others here use it as well. Getting to the Components section of the installation setup is easy and doesn't matter which version of Windows you install on. User Control Panel Log out. Sven Pantheon can be a bit wild and weird it always needed a bit of a firm hand to get it into a usable state but in some kases I've liked how it's sounded.

What Happened to Lexicon Pantheon Reverb??? | Cakewalk Forums

That's the one from Project 5 or was it Home Studio? This is all subjective because we all have different taste and styles of mixing. I find the Sonitus has more smoother and denser platelike sound. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves" - Banksy View More Photo Galleries.

I'm told it's even available in 64bit. Haven't received registration validation E-mail? You can select just to install that.

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