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Sro sbot

Every time I start it, it tells me that the server is offline. Extract the game with 7zip. Thats literally all i had to do. If it still happens, make sure your router firewall is disable or has your mBot added as exception.

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Go to your game folder and delete the temppath folder.

Click on compatibility tab Step 4: Patching has not finished. Data error cyclic redundancy WinRAR.

Login without bot Step 3: Open your anti-virus software 3. Use a teleport or teleport anywhere and exit the client Setp 4: Sign up for a new account in our community. So i want to download sbott tool but its not allowing me cuz it says its not safe Or shiva maked cracked version to hack pirates computers and mining Bitcoins on it them.

Please help me to fix this. Nice release, maybe one day some1 will release a tool that can crack any version of sBot.

Choose your silkroad folder again through your sBot Step 4: Botusername Botpassword They cant be empty or you won't be logged into the bot, the bot only works if it says logged in successfully. Prof Image galleries require a modern browser with JavaScript enabled.

If you are getting this error; Follow these steps: Open the normal game launcher without bot and start the game. Originally Posted by waiperis. Select Windows 7 and press OK. And copy 1 of the random MAC addresses.

Electus Online - Troubleshooting

Did you change anything on that? Which bot as well. Why paying for a bot in if Electus already made a free version of mBot already? This version no have party managment? Grab it from here: This error is caused by an audio software you sot installed that is interrupting the connection between your PC and Electus.

Isn't that the maker from bot-cave?

SBot - The ultimate bot for Silkroad OnlineĀ©

I have a problem with second launcher. If you are too lazy to type any random 12 character hexadecimal, use this link to generate one:. Client did not send HWID! Try to login Electus again. Or are you trying to open the game with the bot. It works perfect after that. Page 1 of Anyone else think it's weird Shiva is who it's cracked by. Click on Generate MACs!

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