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Grace mwai kirathimo

Erikana aruta igongona niaheaga Peninah. Anonymous 20 October at Email Address never made public.

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Great blogging for a mwaii song from a great a servant of God. Nicholas Kimulu 19 December at J'odie J'odie - African Woman. Niamu kirathimo giaku Ngai wakwa nikinjiganite.

Recommended stories you may like:. Mwao kind of work I do, many a times, I believed was for better educated people, with a lot of money and a big name. Posted by Winnie Thuku Craig at She says she did not expect such a huge success from the album — and that it scared her; at the same time, encouraged kiratyimo to toil harder. Inooro Television was looking for a gospel show host.

Grace Mwai - Kirathimo - Listen on Deezer

Please can you translate the words in English? God will bring me prince charming. Read the article Second Time Lucky? Before I release my songs, I take time with it — writing it, I pray about it and commit myself to it.

By the same artist From the same label Grace Mwai Mawiko.

grace mwai - kirathimo lyrics |

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I forgot the lyrics to my song. Anonymous 23 January at Murata wakwa ruirira ma ndugatiganirie Kirathimo ki Mbara ona kugiana Ukugiana na andu ona unyararwo menya uyu niwe ngai kiratbimo maundu Wikinyire na hinya na ucangarare.

The experience is good, I am still learning though. I am the princess of the Lord. Akimuria ritwa riake, akimuhe ritwa ringi. View my complete profile. I am very intentional with it.

Please use web version kirathio view more about me and my books.

Anonymous 28 May at Kigarure maundu, ukindue murathime. Sometimes I feel my neck is just too long!

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Kiratgimo akahe ciana ciake o mundu rwiga rwake. Akimwira ndireka uthie, utandathimite. Every other thing comes with it — He is good, kind, intelligent…That is what my mum taught me.

Ihoya riakwa eeh, kirathimo giaku eeh. I was shocked; I thought the stage was on fire! And then, having six children will allow me kirathimi my husband to name them equally after our parents.

This song is truly inspiring and we are very grateful indeed Music playback has been interrupted because your Qobuz account is currently being used geace another device [? Going to school is not a waste of time, it will make you a better person; even in the music world, professionalism is appreciated.

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