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Divya jyoti jagrati sansthan bhajan

Through music, the greatest masters impart lessons to their disciples. Through music, the devotees offer their Lord utmost love and devotion. The spirit of the festival Diwali dwells in lighting diyas earthen lamps , which symbolises the inner awakening or enlightenment. But at the same time, computers killed the market for typewriters.

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After giving birth, a mother is very protective about her child especially when he is an infant. Such proclamations were reverberated through the mystical musical sanathan presented by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Nor could he warn the fleet of the approaching danger. It is the opportunity for a disciple to worship his master offering the innermost and the deepest gratitude towards the Satguru. Now you are with me! He has brought peace in countless individuals, innumerable families, numerous societies, and has vowed to establish peace throughout the nation, and therefore the world.

He was a fighter pilot. In the heart of a disciple, it triumphs over all other celebrations. Ram is the name of a strength which lies deep within all human beings.

Connected within through the vivacious techniques of Brahm Gyan and upon realizing His supreme excellence in the human garb, a disciple is able to truly perform Guru Pooja. Sadhvi Ji lucidly narrated the various episodes of life of Lord Ram and illustrated the relevance of HIS actions in present times.

To a materialist, Gurupuja may be seen as merely a ritual on the outside jxgrati an awakened soul understands the depth of this sanctimonious yearly event as one which occurs entirely within, in the deep-seated roots of the atman the soul. In other words, why do we worship a Guru?

We are citing below two stories, which talk about altogether different situations that occurred in two different time frames. For the development and growth, constructive destruction, i. This site uses cookies.

He also, following the eternal Vedic regime, initiated his disciples into the eternal science of Brahm Gyan. Reason being, the first birth culminates in the mortuary whereas the second birth culminates in eternity. He wanted to fix wrongs he had done. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Similarly, the market for all the small gadgets— like, MP3 players, point-and-shoot cameras, wrist watches, voice recorders and calculators got swallowed by all-in-one efficient Smartphones.

Guru Purnima solidifies bhajaan as it instills rapture into the hearts that await the event yearlong.

Ghor Andheron Se - Bhajan | Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

Disciples find their joy in doing selfless service in various ongoing social projects at DJJS, be the hard core criminals of Tihar Jail or the visually and physically challenged individuals, Brahm Gyan has the ardent power to accentuate inner potential of any individual.

A disciple, who abides by all the commandments of his Guru, always feels his presence around him. World War II gave birth to several heroes. Also, this festival marks the dawn of a spiritual new year where disciples embark upon with new enthusiasm, resolutions and rejuvenated spirits on the path of devotion.

But at the same time, computers killed the market for typewriters. Guru Purnima comes once a year to intensify the love, faith, and trust that link the two. He wanted the best for his son.

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He is my dream. For His disciples, His Holiness is everything; His teachings are the guiding light in this life and beyond. II, and … However, a year later, when Butch was 29, he was killed in an aerial combat.

For his growth and development, he too exterminates and eradicates all the obsolete, redundant and unwanted thoughts from his mind and ushers him towards a more significant and supreme goal of his life. When one experiences the ultimate music, the divine music, without the physical jzgrati yet with the ears of the soul, the ultimate peace and harmony yield.

Through music, love evolves. I too have borne him in my spiritual womb. An incident from the bhzjan of Lahiri Mahashya when he met his Guru Mahavtari Babaji for the first time, in a cave on the Dronagiri Mountain, verily stands evidence to this.

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