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Astonishia story

Astonishia Story offers no compelling gameplay, nothing like a gripping narrative, nothing much to listen to the MIDI-riffic music hasn't aged well over 12 years , and a great deal of waiting. The premise behind Astonishia Story centers around Lloyd, a knight tasked with protecting a sacred treasure known as the Staff of Cainan. In any given turn, you'll have the opportunity to attack, use a character specific skill, move around the field, or use an item in your character's field of movement. Players must seek the help of wizards and many other mysterious allies to succeed.

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January 21, Windows KOR: The fight astlnishia when one side has completely eliminated the other, and the character that has inflicted the most damage gains an bonus to their share of experience points.

The sound is just as dated, and even sounds a bit distorted at times. While the bare-bones game design feels antiquated, the fairly dated 2D visuals are much easier to excuse. Astonishia Story PSP ". It's up to Lloyd and his new group of warriors to recover the staff and stop the queen before the world is doomed.

Astonishia Story

Archived from the original on October 6, That's what makes defending the recently released Astonishia Story so hard. One of the largest gripes with RPGs is how many of them manage to fall into the same stale traps. Archived from the original on Unfortunately, she's doing so at the expense of everyone in her kingdom and the world beyond.

The dungeon battles are more difficult than the field battles; among other things, in a dungeon, you can't see your enemies before you're drawn into battle. June 27, EU: On your first play-through, you should be able to finish Astonishia Story in about 15 hours. The dungeons aren't very involved, though, and they usually don't have more than three small floors to explore.

You're Good to Go! It's a light, easy way to burn some time, but isn't substantial enough to sustain interest for very long.

At least, that's the initial stroy of the game -- a knight out to recover a relic, track down the man that wronged him and save the world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Another issue is that the number of enemies that you go against almost never changes. Unfortunately, it also winds up pointing out some of the combat system's flaws as well. Despite its utter lack of distinction, the game is still a somewhat satisfying experience because it's built on time-tested mechanics that make it extremely easy to pick up and play.

But the biggest problem isn't so much the time it takes to finish the game, it's the fact that the game just doesn't do anything or go anywhere in that time. Even if you don't pay any attention to the story you'll know exactly where you need to go, because there's usually only one other option at any given time. Astonishia Story More Info.

The only thing good I can say about it is that purchasing Astonishia, I am deeply troubled by the fact that I paid 40 bucks for this game.

Astonishia Story - IGN

Most of the time you look like a chicken with your head cut off because you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing. August 12, AU: Brimhil, the eternally youthful queen of the elves, gave up her youth to revive the Tree.

However, that doesn't excuse the very apparent lack of story, character, and depth in Astonishia Story. The colorful environments and sprites are nicely detailed, but Astonishia Story still has the look of a Game Boy Advance game that has been converted to widescreen.

Astonishia Story Review

Players must seek the help of wizards and many other mysterious allies to succeed. There are fewer than a handful of dungeons in the entire game, so while they do provide a bit more of a challenge than the usual overworld meanderings, the experience astonoshia short-lived. This was the first time that a game in the Astonishia Story series has made it to the West.

Even still, they aren't particularly difficult to defeat: I wish i could go in to the negative on this one.

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