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MC Stojan, daVideo Follow us: Dragan Ponjevic Business Enquiries: With this option, VideoInfinite lets you to loop your favourite videos with any time range and listen to your favourite songs without ever having to hit the play button again. Gordana Goca Lazarevic - Bili bili Name: Ako me zavolis TV Grand Duration:

But it has to be said that Dutch speaking fans may be able to pick up a few lines throughout the album. The Netherlands Written by R'Vannith on I know I might be over generalizing here a bit, but I think the reason why Folk Metal has gotten "stale" rather quickly is because the philosophy behind the genre doesn't aim to go to extremes or to out do anyone else in the genre.

I am nobody with no sense at all Pale as the mountain, cold as the shore Tried reminiscing, alone imagining What if I come to you Then I stood up making the hours Gazing the sunsets, watching the stars Sparkling, smiling hello to my eyes These as you come to me Inside my heart is you No greater love, no one above you Inside my heart is you Stay in love always, as I live in your ways 'Cause inside my heart is you Play with the raindrops, lie on the sand Sail through the ocean, chasing the clouds Showed me completely what life is about Make sure you've read our simple tips Hey! Why not create an account? View 10 more explanations. Leave your name in the history!

Cut mode - Cut areas are defined, or Scene mode - Scenes are defined. No installation is required. TSSniper's interface is wonky and takes some getting used to. Drag the bar with the mouse to the beginning of the range to be cut, move it, click the start point Next, drag the bar with the mouse to the end of the range you want to cut, move it, click the end point Click the icon on the right to add a range to cut Successful addition. TSSniper does not like Nero's software.