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Fl winlab software

Use the links below to quickly find your software solution download. The selected detector model is recognizable by the base color of the photomultiplier icon. If this checkbox is selected, the calibration factors are automatically used in all other applications where the 4-position cellchanger is used. The Selected Calculation dialog is displayed.

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This set would produce 30 emission scans over the range nm, covering the excitation range nm. The current status of the instrument is described by the text next to the icons.

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Filter wheels, depending on which are fitted. Three formats are available: Defines the format in which the data file is stored. An Emission monochromator pre-scan with the excitation monochromator at constant wavelength.

Select the required reading. Change Y Changes the ordinate label with the specified label.

Both the Abscissa Value and Data Interval fields become greyed. The configuration is saved as a.

To change the data interval and to copy part of a spectral curve. The Abscissa Start value field is now titled Asbcissa value and is automatically incremented. In Expert mode loading a method sets up the parameters for siftware application immediately, and only once and data collection for this method can be started immediately.

It indicates that the application is currently initializing.

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This allows for a quick overview of the instrument status. For example, the text c: It does not support plate softwqre. Factor using the following equation: Calculation of polarization using either method is performed by FL WinLab 4. Enter any Curve info required. This is followed by a second gating period, which occurs shortly before the next flash and wijlab the dark current signal the signal produced when no light is falling on the photomultiplier.

The Status page is displayed.

By turning off the source during long periods of time between runs, the sample is protected from any possible photochemical degradation. To stop the sipper before the end of the indicated pump time, click Stop. softwware

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The name is saved in the header of any collected datasets and, if a method is saved, in the header of the method. Emission scan type, range nm. Information from any FL WinLab 4. The parameters for the individual scans are identical to the parameters for the scan types in single scan mode. Choose whether to Display the abscissa value, the ordinate value softwage both. GLP mode and Expert mode. On - The instrument automatically produces corrected excitation spectra using an internally stored correction curve generated from a rhodamine quantum counter.

To calculate the first, second, third or fourth derivative of a spectral curve. All Normalize calculations are performed in absorbance. The Scan dialog is displayed. If a peak is seen inside the green area, then the user can be suspicious of its validity.

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